Dale Schian webinar: “Focus on Single Asset Real Estate”

Dale Schian served as a panel member for a May 15, 2019, webinar, “Focus on Single Asset Real Estate,” sponsored by West LegalEdcenter.

The webinar included the special rules for single asset real estate (SARE) cases and some of the characteristics of a typical case, including a motion to dismiss or convert early in the case; motions to lift the automatic stay to permit a single lender to foreclose on all of the debtor’s assets; the tendency of SARE cases to be dominated by litigation early as compared to other chapter 11 cases; and plan confirmation issues tending to focus on claim classification issues.

Co-panelists were Thad Wilson (King & Spalding LLP), Mark Melickian (Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger), and Hank Waida (Equity Partners HG).